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Papua New Guinea

International Engagement: Papua New Guinea

Baptist Union Papua New Guinea (BUPNG)
Project: Yangis Community School

2015 saw significant progress at Yangis Community School, with a significant improvement in community ownership over the project.
Classes have been renovated and the construction of teacher accommodation is almost complete. Both students and teachers are expressing confidence in the school, fully understanding the power of education and the opportunities it brings about. A teacher in-service training has been organised to provide teachers with basic skills and knowledge to support students with special needs. Due to the success of the school, and a boom in enrolments, a decision was also made in collaboration with various stakeholders to dedicate a portion of the remaining funds to building a new double classroom, to accommodate the high number of students currently enrolled.

Project: Kumbareta Baptist High School (KBHS)

Kumbareta Baptist High School (KBHS) has also come a long way this year. Oaktree has provided funds for textbooks and learning materials across a range of subjects, making study more accessible for teachers and students alike. Enrolment rates are very positive, with gender ratio being almost even. The construction of a new girl’s dormitory is hoped to have a positive effect on the retention of female students.
Additionally, the school continues to be supported by local government bodies, who were impressed by the commitment shown by KBHS teachers to the success of the school. This support proved not to be fleeting, and as a result KBHS has been able to grow and improve throughout 2015.

The Voice Inc. (TVI)
Ruby Prosser - TVI Partnership Manager

2015 has been another great year for the Youth Exchange initiative and our peer partnership with The Voice Inc. (TVI). In February, three ambassadors (Jerome, Seba and Barbra) from TVI came over to Australia to be part of Oaktree's work and participated in Oaktree's biggest volunteer training event: the National Conference held in Beechworth.
Jerome, Seba and Barbra delivered a key note session and contributed their incredible knowledge and experience as young change makers in PNG throughout the rest of the conference. They also spent time at Oaktree's HQ volunteer shadowing Oaktree's executive team, which provided a great space for tangible skills sharing, mutual learning and capacity building.
As the Youth Exchange team also officially launched the initiative in February, TVI's representatives were guests panel speakers for the launch - which saw representatives from the sector engage with the initiative's style of partnerships and its role in the development sector. Oaktree are looking to visit TVI again in January 2016 to continue to strengthen the partnership.