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Hello to 2016

Hello to 2016

It’s time for 2016. After a refreshing summer break, Oaktree is back and ready for action! We have so much in store for 2016. With so many ways to get involved with Oaktree, you can join us in making meaningful impact in 2016.

September 2015 was a historic month, with world leaders uniting to consolidate the Global Goals, aiming ambitiously to “end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change”. These updated goals have been welcomed by many as a refreshing and more ambitious framework to the Millennium Development Goals. Oaktree is excited to lead a movement that gets the Global Goals off to an incredible start.

As an election year,2016 brings a unique opportunity to put Australia’s commitment to fighting poverty on the national agenda. We want to see the Australian Aid budget restored and funding for climate finance found outside of the aid budget. Achieving this ensures Australia’s commitment to the Global Goals by tackling poverty, injustice and climate change.  

Major political parties need to hear our voice in order to have these demands met this year. Major public support for Australian Aid will influence the way our leaders think about Aid and the significant role it plays to those most vulnerable. Without strong action in the lead up to the federal election,  meaningful action will be another three years away- too long to wait to assist vulnerable communities.

It’s also our seventh year of Live Below the Line, and it’s the year we’ll hit $10 million raised. We’re committed to engaging as many Australians as possible with the reality of what it’s like to live with limited choices, and we have big financial goals for raising money to continue funding our vital poverty-fighting work both internationally and at home.

Our work overseas this year will continue to fund our partners in the Asia-Pacific - in Cambodia, Timor-Leste, and PNG -  to provide vocational skills and secondary educationto the kids who need it most. We will also continue to grow our International Youth Exchange programme, creating opportunities for collaboration and learning with young people from the Asia-Pacific.

We’re very much looking forward to making 2016 an exciting and successful year in ending the world’s greatest injustice.

Your support helps us to continue our powerful campaigns and programmes. Please consider donating to Oaktree to help us create a world free from poverty.

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