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Health Check

It's time for a humble brag

Not many organisations can claim that 97% of their workforce are proud to work for them. But we can.

Reviewing structure and staff engagement is critical in determining the success of an organisation. Every year, Oaktree have run an internal engagement Health Check and our 2018 results are something to boast about.

Emotional connection from volunteers and staff has increased overall with a favourable engagement rate of 77% (up from 73% in 2017). These results are a measure of volunteer and staff pride, motivation, commitment, and willingness to recommend Oaktree to others as a great place to work. It's also a fantastic way for us to identify performance, productivity and creativity levels from our team.

How did we get our engagement levels so high?

During 2018, we reviewed our scope and direction. We began as an organisation determined to end poverty, but we realised that goal was too broad and we decided that we could do better. 

  • Our New Theory of Change

In July we launched our new Theory of Change: a focused mission and vision of our original purpose. Adapting our mission to become young people leading, demanding and creating a more just world has contributed to an overall increase in motivation for working at Oaktree.

  • Confidence in Leadership

Employees want to see leaders demonstrate that people are important to the company’s success, and they want to understand and be motivated by the organisation’s vision. At Oaktree, our Executive Leadership Team engage with and work closely alongside the wider team. They share their insights, model our values and always work with our ultimate vision and mission in mind.

  • Celebrating Wins

Oaktree places a heavy emphasis on recognising outstanding achievements when they are due. Our volunteers have often not had any experience in similar roles and they use their time at Oaktree to get a hands-on learning experience in running an organisation. We give credit where credit is due - everyone knows that they are valued and they are making a direct impact. Celebrating wins also helps to encourage people to continue to be creative and do their best work.

It's inspiring to see how proud volunteers and staff are to work for Oaktree. It's a testament to the motivation, passion and work ethic that volunteers bring to Oaktree. Most of our team were already passionate about eradicating poverty and conscious about the role of young people in leading change prior to working with us. For many, working at Oaktree has been a chance to more directly participate in the international community.

Oaktree is a bundle of opportunities wrapped into one. It's the chance to learn workplace-ready skills (we manage and lead nation-wide campaigns, after all) and join a community of volunteers driven by a shared goal. Volunteering at Oaktree is also a long-term investment in career progression: our volunteers build strong professional connections and engage with a proud alumni group long after their time at Oaktree has ended. 

It's no wonder we're one of the best places for young people to volunteer. If it sounds like something you need to be a part of, check out our current opportunities.