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It's Go Day!

Mobilise for LBL Today

Live Below the Line has a huge impact.  It raises the millions of dollars that enable our partners to make a difference in the lives of those living in poverty.  It transforms thousands of Australians' perspectives on the issue.  And we make it happen.  Together. 

Today is Go Day.  This is our moment.

We drive this campaign.  That's why, in every team across the country, Oaktree volunteers are rallying behind LBL - by taking action on social media, getting blogging and vlogging and jumping on the phone to friends and family.

It's about kickstarting your campaign.  It's about getting people to join your team. It's about your LBL impact.

But most of all it's about building momentum.  Because by taking action together, we're creating an incredible buzz around LBL.  With every blog, vlog and Facebook post, every phone call and every conversation it grows and spreads outwards, until we've got momentum, baby!

So, what's the deal? 

There a heaps of ways you can take action today!  Here are a couple:

  1. Facebook message your friends, asking them to sign up and join your team. 
  2. Write a blogging or film a video blog.
  3. Get on the phones to your friends and family and ask them to sign up and join your team.
  4. Jump on social media and Facebook message admins of groups and pages asking them to post the sign up link. 

And most importantly, head to your branch or Oaktree HQ to get amongst the action.

Share your action & Get your first Passport Stamp!

Last week, we launched the Oaktree Passport, and yours is probably still looking a bit empty.  The Passport is about your journey and impact - and mobilising for LBL is a huge part of that.  That's why, by being a part of Go Day, you can get your first passport stamp. 

Simply share your Go Day action here.

In the comment box, tell us what Go Day Actions you took: if you blogged or vlogged, how many conversations you had, how many people have signed up or joined your team, how many Facebook messages you've sent or just a really great story about your day!  You can even share a photo.


GOAL: 150 actions