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Ghian Tjandaputra

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  • Sally Downie
    commented on Building the window
    "Fantastic. The youth have the power it is up to us to use it and we must use it now. I could not agree more with what you have said. I don’t think enough young people realise the problems of this world and realise if we don’t act now they will be much bigger problems in our future. Let’s start building that window and let the light in!!!!"
  • commented on Building the window
    "Good message. I hope we can all create enough movement through contacting MP’s and government departments in order to have our voices heard. It’s great to hear your passion for change and equality and to know young people care and can unite."
  • commented on Building the window
    "Wow that is an excellent article, I actually read it out loud- practising my public speaking :-) !"
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