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Wow what a week it has been!!!
Thank you everybody for supporting over this challenge week, whether that be through words of affirmation & encouragement or through your donations. Over this week, thanks to you all, I have raised $546. If you would still like to donate, don't worry it's not too late. This platform will be open until end of June.
To break my living below the line fast, I enjoyed cheese for the first time this whole week. My main craving and definitely a favourite food. Can't wait to add salt to my dinners and eat something more flavourful =D
Though we have finished the challenge week, poverty is still very much a thing. It is still so important to do what we can to support other impoverished individuals wherever & whenever we can.
You can make a difference & help be the change.
Let's all stand together and beat poverty.

Final Dinner!!!!

Wow what a week!!!
For my final meal I finished all my left over ingredients to make:
- Pancakes (Flour, milk, egg)
- Scrambled egg
- Fried sweet potato
- Tuna
- Wombok

Can't wait for eating anything I want tomorrow =D

Final Breakfast

Pancakes served with a poached egg and stewed pear
Eight and a half hours left!

#4 Dinner

Fried dumplings left over from lunch with roasted sweet potato.
To be honest it was a bit dry, but better than nothing I guess. I would have loved to have some sweet chilli sauce & sour cream with it.
I have also noticed that I haven't been having enough iron as I feel a bit light headed, but just one more day left so I think I'll be okay.

Hit $500!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone for donating & your ongoing support. I have now hit my target of $500!!!!
My new target is $750, so if you haven't donated yet....What are you waiting for? ?

Lunch today was another batch of steamed dumplings as well as a few boiled dumplings.

#4 Brekkie

Breakfast of left over pie from yesterday along with pear & another mug of milk
Two more days left!

#3 Dinner

Another meal of tuna pies topped with sweet potato.
Yum yum!

Halfway there!!!

My third breakfast of the week was fried dumplings of yesterday along with pear and another mug of milk.

Second Dinner

My second dinner was steamed dumplings!!!!!
Stuffed with tuna & cabbage, my steamed dumplings were a nice change to buns. Honestly I think I'll take the recipe idea past the challenge, except with the addition of herbs & chili. They were quite nice.
On the side I had some sweet potato chips & some more cabbage.
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

#2 Brekkie!!

Starting to miss salt and spices, and especially craving cheese as each hour passes.
For my second breakfast I had buns with an egg omelet, pear & a mug of milk

Day 1 done and dusted

Dinner was tuna pies with sweet potato topping and a side of wombok

First meal for the challenge

First meal:
- Cup of hot milk
- Fried Pear
- Flour & water buns

Meal Plan for the week!!

With just a few hours to go before challenge week commences I have finished my plan for my meals and am ready to kick start my journey.
Thank you so much to Natalie, Steve & Ashley for being the first to donate to my campaign. I really appreciate it =)

I'm Living Below the Line...

Because I believe that we as individuals can make a difference by standing up for what we believe in and supporting one another through doing life together.

Over the past four years I have taken the challenge to live on $2 a day, for a week, for food, getting a glimpse of what it would be like to live on less than $2 for food. Though this challenge is just for food, in reality this average budget is not just for food but for sanitary products, water, housing, education and everything else that is needed for getting through each day.

I want to make a change in today, giving whatever I have to make a difference and getting others involved in the change through participating in Live Below the Line and raising awareness amongst my friends, family & school.

Will you take part in being the change?

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