Ananaya Mittal

I'm Living Below the Line...

I'm Living Below the Line to help raise funds for the Oaktree foundation that aims to assist youth in regions such as Timor Leste, Cambodia and Australia to become agents of change. Poverty is a plague that has dispersed around the globe faster than ever due to the pandemic.Through this challenge, I hope to understand the ways in which people in poverty survive with limited choices. By donating to my page, you are lending a hand in raising awareness about the issue of poverty while also supporting a foundation that believes in the power of youth. Thank you so much!

My Challenges

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My Achievements

changed pic

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raised $300

got my 1st donation

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Wayne Varney

Great work Ananaya !


Harpreet Mittal

Excellent effort for the community's well being


Rashmi Premchandralal


Madhur Mittal

Good job Ananaya, I will try to post in my office group and see how we go


Pallavi Mehrotra

Good work


Ruchi Gupta

Great Work ..