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Friday Queensland Action Night

Friday Queensland Action Night

Hey all,

We've had some time to rest up and digest copious amounts of fair trade chocolate - now it's time to get things moving again. This time though, we're going from chocolate to rice --

Live Below the Line is just around the corner and it's time to start scheming.

Live Below the Line (lovingly known as LBL) is a critical time of the year for Oaktree. It's our signature campaign and it's where we raise money to have an out-sized impact on the issue of extreme poverty.

We've got so much exciting stuff to share, and we can't wait to start taking action with you. The action of Community Leaders is the lifeblood of the campaign.

See you there,

Emi and the rest of the Oaktree gang.


Not sure what LBL is? Go to the website to find out. Know exactly what it is? Head here to sign up now and start fundraising!


May 01, 2015 at 4pm - 7pm


Oaktree QLD
69 Thomas St
Brisbane, Queensland 4101
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Emi Christensen · · 0434255546