Your impact

Our goal

We want to see a world where young people are able to thrive and reach their full potential. We know young people are the future, but we also believe they are the key.

The issue

The youth disproportionately bear the burden of global issues.

Young people are often touted as the future but rarely are we key players in the present when it comes to decision making for the future. We know young people in the Asia Pacific Region are unable to access quality work opportunities, have limited power in civil society and have very little ability to impact their own futures. We want to change that.

What We Do

Rather than throwing money at the problem, we’re looking to sustainably chip away at systemic structures designed to keep the cycle of poverty going. By providing young people with capacity building, non-traditional education, we enable them to lift not only themselves but their entire communities. But we don’t just run these programs ourselves. You see, we believe it’s not our place to tell them what they need- which is why we partner with a local organisation on the ground that knows best what their community needs.

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Why Cambodia and Timor-Leste?

Both Cambodia and Timor-Leste are special because they boast a huge youth population. While this is exciting potential, young people in these countries are often unable to access the proper knowledge and resources to achieve the quality of life they deserve. These youths need to feel empowered and equipped with the proper tools to tackle the injustices they see, and we can help.