The Five Lines

Live Below the Line is a call to action to reimagine an equitable world and do things differently. How do YOU imagine ‘living below the line’ to create a more just and sustainable world?

Live Below the Line Reimagined

Live Below the Line has long been associated with eating on $2 a day, but poverty as a barrier is about more than food. Poverty and inequality presents in many ways. Marginalised groups such as women, youth, and migrant workers are among the most affected. Impacts include lack of access to education, safety, technology, support and opportunity, and basic food security. The divide is real. 

That’s why we’ve reframed our outdated model. Now, we have 5 lines for you to navigate: Energy. Shelter. Waste. Technology. Food.

Each line represents a critical area where poverty can create barriers. By tackling the different challenges created by poverty through the five lines, together we can challenge the problematic portrayal of poverty and come to a more nuanced, multifaceted understanding of injustice. 


Where do you draw the line?

As a LBL changemaker, you will embark on a five day journey that emphasises long-term meaningful action to create a more just and sustainable world. Once you have signed up, the next step is to pick a Line (or more) and make it personal. Choose the area you want to make a real difference in and set your goals for challenge week.

 So, where do you draw the line?