live below the line 2022

Live Below the Line is a call to action to reimagine an equitable world and do things differently.

How do YOU imagine ‘living below the line’ to create a more just and sustainable world?

We have created five lines: Energy, Food, Shelter, Technology and Waste. You can choose to focus on one, or as many as you like. We have provided some examples below for challenge week inspiration.


Many Australians cannot afford to heat their home in winter. Is it fair that your neighbours live in the dark whilst global energy consumption contributes to the climate crisis?

Flick that light switch and:
  • enforce a daily power outage in your home
  • divest your superannuation from coal and gas
  • use public transport
  • wash your clothes by hand


Yes, you can still eat on $2 a day for five days. This represents the extreme poverty line. 

Your tummy is rumbling:
  • go plant-based
  • support a food bank
  • cook lunch for others at school or work
  • community garden excursion


You know the feeling of a comfortable mattress and long sleep. Quality sleep is also important for health, wellbeing and being able to perform at school and work. Some people do not have a safe place to lay down and rest. 

Look at the roof over your head and:
  • write to council about hostile architecture
  • give up furniture and bedding
  • volunteer with a homelessness organisation
  • sleep in a tent with only blankets and a torch


Technology is here to stay. It also has an important role in the climate crisis. However, inadequate access to technology has many affects: among other things, it poses barriers to education, social interactions, news and current affairs, and medical appointments.
Put your phone down and:
  • donate old devices for recycling
  • donate your extra mobile data
  • give up elective activities such as Netflix
  • use social media to advocate


Which bin does this go in? The waste is piling up. Poor waste management contributes to pollution and hurts our planet and its diverse ecosystems. The impact of waste impacts the poverty line dramatically, from climate refugees to likelihood of disease.

No time to waste:
  • make a compost bin
  • have water bucket showers
  • avoid plastic at the supermarket
  • host a beach clean up

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