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About the End Poverty Campaign

About the End Poverty Campaign

Your voice is powerful. Our leaders need to know that extreme poverty is an issue that Australians care about, and we expect them to have the conviction to create real change on the world stage at the G20.

When you add your voice to the End Poverty Campaign, you’ll be joining a movement of thousands of Australians who believe that we can and we will end extreme poverty, and take action to see it happen.

On November 14, as world leaders are set to arrive on our shores for the G20 Summit, we’ll deliver an open letter to the Abbott government, demonstrating that Australian’s care about this and that we demand change.

How you can get involved.

Once you've added your voice to the End Poverty Campaign at oaktree.org/endpoverty, there are a couple of ways that you can continue to be involved.

  1. Write to Tony Abbott - write a letter to Tony Abbott to tell him directly why you care.
  2. Join the community - follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

  3. Get others on board - share the End Poverty Petition with your friends and networks.

  4. Help us spread the word - on by hosting a screening of our documentary, Within our Reach.

  5. Donate to help make our impact happen, both here and overseas 

Take Action: Write to Abbott