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End Poverty Campaign

We believe that we can end extreme poverty within our lifetime. Over the last twenty years, extreme poverty has already been halved.

But right now, there are roadblocks that stand in the way of progress, like crippling cuts to aid and a global tax system that’s harming the world’s poor.

With the End Poverty Campaign, we’re calling on the Abbott government, as president of the G20, to step up to end extreme poverty.

It started back in September with 400 young people leading the way on the End Poverty Roadtrip. As the G20 Summit draws closer, we need you to join us.

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International Anti-Poverty Day

On October 17, International Anti-Poverty Day, we launched Within Our Reach, a short documentary celebrating the progress we've already made in the movement to end extreme poverty. More than 200 screenings were held across the nation, spreading stories of passion, inspiration and change. Over the past 20 years, it’s...

G20 Summit

To make sure that world leaders take action to end extreme poverty at the G20 Summit in November, we need to demonstrate to them that Australians are committed to change. As the leaders of the 20 largest global economies arrive in Brisbane on November 14th, we’re taking our directly to Tony Abbott. The changes that he could...

End Poverty Roadtrip

A movement of passionate young Australians From the 28th September to the 4th October hundreds of passionate young Australians from around the country embarked on a Roadtrip to Canberra to bring attention to the plight of the 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty around the globe. Along the way, they visited local communities across...