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Eating Your Ethics this Easter

Eating Your Ethics this Easter

Easter is the perfect excuse to eat heaps of yummy treats. So much so, that I wrote a little poem:

Marshmallows, sprinkles, caramel and more,

Abounds of chocolate for you to adore

The hands behind these tasty treats

Are exploited for the food we eat.

Sadly, for some young people that quirky poem is their reality. Around the world, young people undergo modern-day slavery, suffering abuse and being forced to work in dangerous conditions to make some of the chocolate we enjoy at Easter.

Much of the cocoa that goes into our Easter eggs comes from Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. People as young as eight years old are trafficked into this industry, abused and forced to work under dangerous conditions.

Trafficking happens because there’s a market for it. Buying Fairtrade products directly undermines that profitability - breaking the business model of traffickers and instead demonstrating a market for ethical consumerism.

Australia’s major supermarkets base their business on the demands of their consumers. It’s what gives them their edge. When we buy Fairtrade-labelled products, we are sending a message to Coles and Woolworths that we want to see more Fairtrade options on the supermarket shelves, allowing us to make more ethical choices this Easter.

You can help put an end to human trafficking by signing this petition to urge Coles and Woolworths to stock more fairtrade labelled products, giving consumers more ethical choices for many Easters to come!

You can also make a difference with what you buy - make more ethical choices this Easter by buying fairtrade-labelled chocolate. In the chocolate business, your money matters. Use your dollar to have your say.

Oaktree wishes you a happy and safe Easter!