Eating on $2 can look like this

Eat on $2 a day for five days, raise funds 
and empower young people to help end poverty.

The rules are simple: 
1. This September, feed yourself on $2 a day for five days
2. Ask your friends, family and co-workers to donate to your profile
3. Be part of a community where thousands of Australians are taking action
to help young people within our region have their voices heard. 

Not sure you want to take the five day challenge? No stress!

Host a Dine Below the Line dinner party and feed your guests on $2 a head.
Dine Below the Line retains the creative cooking challenge of Live Below the Line, but makes
it more
accessible and easier to involve your friends and family!

Why $2?

Imagine what it would be like going about your everyday life with just $2 to spend on everything.
That's food, accommodation, transport, medicine - $2 for every single cost. That's the reality for people who live below the extreme poverty line. $AU2 is the Australian equivalent of the extreme poverty line, adjusted to reflect the real cost of items in Australia.

Live Below the Line Resources
Everything you need to help plan your meals and start fundraising!
Downloadable 5 Day Meal Plan

Downloadable 5 Day Meal Plan

Download Nicole's Survival Guide

Download Nicole's Survival Guide

Download Fundraising Toolkit 2019

Download Fundraising Toolkit 2019


Looking for inspiration? See how others are Living Below the Line this year.
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