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Empowering the young leaders of today.

Oaktree's impact is driven by the leadership of young Australians passionate about playing their part in the fight for a fairer world.

Meet Madi, one of our incredible volunteers from Bootcamp 2014.

This July, Oaktree's Community Leaders Bootcamp will bring together more than 400 young leaders from all over Australia and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to take our impact to the next level.

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Change lives

At Oaktree, we believe that education is the crucial link to breaking the poverty cycle - empowering the youth of the world to find employment, start businesses and lead change in their own communities.

Our overseas partnerships ensure that thousands of young people across the Asia-Pacific, just like Dulce, have access to secondary, tertiary and skills-based education.

When you make a donation to Oaktree, you’re helping provide scholarships, renovate schools and train teachers - throughout Timor Leste, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

young people have received an education
innovative development projects across the Asia Pacific
communities have benefitted from greater educational opportunities

Transform Perspectives

Overseas development is an important part of our work,
but it’s not the only thing we do.

Here in Australia, we have the opportunity to make a lasting impact in the fight to end extreme poverty. Through our government's influential position on the world stage, its foreign aid policy, and through the thousands of Australians who generously give many millions of dollars a year to helping those less fortunate. 

That’s why we’re also working to build greater public awareness and understanding of extreme poverty, and calling on the government to take strong policy action on helping to end it.

If you’ve taken the Live Below the Line challenge, met a Community Leader on the Roadtrip to End Poverty, or heard about the Make Poverty History concert, you’ve been a part of Oaktree’s movement.

raised by Live Below the Line participants since 2010
total number of petition signatures
meetings with MPs

Who is Oaktree?

Oaktree started in 2003 with a simple idea - that young people have a unique role to play in in building and leading a movement to end extreme poverty.

We’re now proud to be Australia’s largest youth run organisation, with more than 200 000 members - who’ve taken part in our campaigns, signed our petitions, and generously provided financial support to make our work possible.

All of Oaktree’s impact is enabled by our volunteers - all under the age of 26, and all committed to seeing the end of extreme poverty within a generation.

supporters across Australia
volunteer staff
hours volunteered in 2014

The Cause

Ending extreme poverty within a generation is an ambitious goal. But the facts tell us it’s a very possible one.

In 1990, nearly 47% of the population in developing regions lived under the poverty line of $2 a day. Today, that figure has dropped to 22%, and 700 million fewer people are living in extreme poverty,

In just 20 years, we’ve already come halfway to ending extreme poverty.

In our lifetime, we can end it.


Every dollar you donate to Oaktree contributes to our movement to end poverty. Through all parts of our work, both here in Australia and overseas, we invest in young people to create change on this issue.

Oaktree works differently to most anti-poverty organisations, tackling inequality by addressing its causes at the community, national and global level. 45% of donations support our work overseas, funding education programs delivered by our partners in Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea. Every time you make a donation, you’re helping them create opportunities for young people who may not have had them otherwise.

15% of funds support the work we do in Australia, raising public awareness of poverty and campaigning for strong policy action to help end it.

Approximately 18% of donations enable our fundraising work so that we can multiply our impact. For every dollar we spend on fundraising, we raise roughly $4.50. 

21% of donations cover vital costs of accountability and administration. This includes costs like rent and training, which enable our young volunteers all over Australia to grow as leaders in this issue and make a real impact. These figures are based on our 2015 annual report.