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Passel Media & Oaktree Present:

Within Our Reach: Stories of the movement to end poverty

In the last 20 years, extreme poverty has already been halved. Within our Reach tells the stories of individuals and communities who are fighting to see the end of extreme poverty.

It’s a movement that’s led from the grassroots – across our region, and here in Australia. You may not have seen it, but it’s growing larger and more active everyday. And now, more than ever, we need more Australians to join the fight.

On International Anti-Poverty Day, we launched Within Our Reach. More than 200 screenings were held across the nation, spreading stories of passion, inspiration and change.

You can still help us spread the word by hosting a screening - all the resources that you need can be found on this page. Check out the Host Pack here.

Head here to find our more about the End Poverty Campaign.