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Diversity Masterclass

Welcome to Diversity Masterclass.

At Oaktree, we are committed to building capacity within youth, empowering them to bring about social change, and Diversity Masterclass is one of the ways we do this. At the end of 2016 we ran our first awesome three-part Diversity Masterclass series. This brought together dozens of young people to inspire, challenge, and broaden their perspective on diversity and inclusion, and how important it is to ending global poverty.

The first night focused on “What is unconscious bias, and how do I overcome it?”. The excellent Dr Victor Sojo from the Centre for Ethical Leadership ran an eye opening session where we discussed human thought processes, unconscious bias, research about gender bias, impact on talent management and strategies to overcome bias in talent management.

The second night was an insightful panel discussion on the role young people play in encouraging, supporting and valuing diversity and making the social change space more inclusive. The impressive panelists were:

  • Ipul Powaseu, Chairperson of the PNG Assembly of Disabled Persons
  • Mark Thomson, CEO Lord Somers Camp and Power House
  • Jacob Thomas, LGBTQIA+ activist and Victorian Community Leader of the Year award winner
  • Paul Gorrie, Vic Seed Coordinator, AYCC - Seed Mob
  • Gaby Perdomo, Chief of Staff, The Oaktree Foundation Australia
  • Sarah Agboola, Founder m-Time

The final evening discussed role of diversity in the anti-poverty movement in Australia - where are we currently and where do we want to be, and had speakers from CBM and Care in attendance. 

After the raging success of Diversity Masterclass in 2016, we will be running Masterclasses throughout 2017 so keep your eyes on this page for more information and put down an expression of interest, so we can contact you when we organise the next Masterclass.

Have questions?

For enquiries, please contact our Diversity Team at diversity@oaktree.org