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Direct Impacts: Timor Leste

Direct Impacts: Timor Leste

Ba Futuru

Project: High School’s Transformation Project (HSTP)

HSTP with Ba Futuru has progressed wonderfully in it's second year. Teachers have been trained through a number of teacher training methods and the Student Management Councils (SMC) have taken ownership of the management of both schools. This year at Nicolau Lobatos school, 27 students participated in performances for the annual student showcase, presenting their learnings from the student clubs to the local community. At 99 Atauro school, the new IT lab has been built, with donations of 39 laptops from the Rotary Club of Dili and free internet from Timor Telecom.

PLAN Timor

Project: Youth Economic Empowerment Program (YEEP)

2014 was the second year of Oaktree's Youth Economic Empowerment Project with Plan in Timor-Leste. The project successfully delivered vocational training to 132 young people of Aileu in administration, hospitality and Rural Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (RWASH). Excitingly, three graduates from the RWASH program established a community based organisation, Hakbiit Comunidade Rural (Empowering Rural Communities), producing latrines to supply to communities in Aileu.

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