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Direct Impacts: Cambodia

Direct Impacts: Cambodia

PKO - Puthi Komar Organisation

Project: Young People For Development (YPFD)

2014 was the second year of the Young People for Development Program (YPFD) at PKO and saw great success in providing opportunities for the most vulnerable youth in the Battambang region.  The recourse centre, located at PKO, was of particular success and highly valued by all scholarship students. Students loved the computer classes and thrived in the well-stocked library which nurtured their passion for education and also helped with the completion of their homework. The recourse centre also provided a ‘home’ for students where they felt comfortable asking PKO staff for help and using the counseling services to resolve a wide range of issues.  One student stated that the staff at PKO was like family to her, and she was very pleased to have been able to form this relationship.

KAPE - Kampuchean Action for Primary Education

Project: Beacon Schools Initiative (BSI)

Having established a strong partnership from the past years, mid-2014 was the start of a two-year extension of the BSI project. The extension (Phase II) aims to address recommendations from the 2013 Oaktree and external evaluations and to focus on sustaining the positive changes achieved in the three target schools to date. Phase II will further develop income generation activities (which includes 2 brand new school canteens) and operational capacity aiming to leave the schools in better positions to achieve ongoing economic viability, sustained attitudinal change, effective management, and inspire replication of the model following the phasing out of KAPE’s support.

Project: Girl’s Education Initiative (GEI)

2014 was the second year of the GEI project and saw great success in providing many young people in accessing secondary, vocational, tertiary and professional education. For many of the students 2014 was their final year of study and many students went on to find employment in their respective careers or continue on to further study. The project worked to increase wider community involvement, provided livelihood support to families and provided various leadership opportunities for students.