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Courtney Lor

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  • commented on East of Timor, South of justice
    "The Australian government’s conduct during this entire saga has been very undiplomatic and inexcusable. For all its claims of ‘threats to national security’ surrounding Collaery’s client who was an ASIS employee at the time of the bugging, they have acted disproportionately to what the alleged threat to national security could potentially be – if there is a threat at all. Also, what’s so difficult about drawing a fair line down the middle of the sea and dividing the profits attained equally, like international law indicates? Like you said, Geordie, it’s not a matter of morals or aid or even politics – access to the abundant natural resources in the TIMOR Sea is Timor-Leste’s by right."
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  • commented on Promoting LBL
    "Hey Sarah,

    At a recent CL meet-up we were discussing the possibility of getting some coverage of your LBL campaign into a local publication. A really good place to start aside from your local paper is actually your uni magazine publication. They are (from experience) really keen to do stories involving a social justice cause and interesting way of fundraising. Try shooting them an email and see how you go! :)

    Another one of our CLs brought up something really easy to promote LBL – she mentioned she didn’t feel too comfortable pitching in front of people so she fixed that by just writing a short, sweet email alerting people to what she was doing, providing video and donation links online and it worked really well for her – she ended up raising a few hundred dollars just like that."
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