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Advocacy 2015

Continuing the fight for a world of equality


At Oaktree, we believe that policy change has a significant role to play in amplifying our impact in the fight to end extreme poverty. By connecting decision makers with the passionate Australians who lead the movement to end extreme poverty, we can continue to fight for a world of equality.

In 2015 Oaktree will continue to advocate for multi-partisan support within Australia for policies that contribute to the end of extreme poverty. We'll be working to develop meaningful relationships with Australia’s politicians to encourage support for an increase in foreign aid through the sector wide Australian Aid campaign, and tax policies that ensure developing economies have access to the resources that are rightfully theirs in order to lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

Oaktree's campaigning work will continue to provide opportunities for young Australians to take action on the issue of extreme poverty by becoming Community Leaders. In 2015, over 300 passionate young people will have the opportunity to grow as leaders and change-makers as they lead Oaktree's campaigning efforts on the ground.

We know that ending extreme poverty is complex, and requires diverse and complex solutions. That's why Oaktree's campaigning efforts will not only look for political targets but opportunities to encourage social change amongst Australians and Australian business that can help promote progress in the fight to end extreme poverty.