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Community Leader Events

Where the action happens.

Our Community Leaders are at the forefront of this powerful movement. To be an effective Community Leader, you will need to make a regular time commitment of 3-5 hours a week.

Getting involved as a Community Leader is the most rewarding and effective way to build the movement to end poverty. Our teams play a powerful role growing the movement in their local communities - having meaningful conversations with the public, planning media stunts and meeting politicians.

As a Community Leader, you will drive hard hitting campaigns that become your own unique stories of friends made, challenges met and powerful impact achieved.Sign up and one of our awesome volunteers will be in touch soon to chat about how you can be involved.

Action Sessions

One of the best things about being a leader at Oaktree is that you get the opportunity to take real, impactful action every week. We don’t just sit around waiting for a big moment - we create moments by getting out into the community and having thousands of powerful one-on-one conversations with people. It’s how we build a movement powerful enough to pressure our leaders to make ending poverty a priority at the upcoming election.

Action Sessions are a chance to work together with other Community Leaders in leading the movement to end poverty. During these sessions you’ll be planning your team strategies, having powerful conversations with the public, planning media stunts and meeting politicians. With action sessions happening all across the country, the more public support we receive, the greater our movement to end poverty can be.

Have any questions? Get in touch!

If you're from QLD - Kurt Callaghan, k.callaghan@oaktree.org
If you're from VIC - Christine Liu, c.liu@oaktree.org
If you're from ACT - Alice Zhu, a.zhu@oaktree.org
If you're from NSW - Rebecca Moore, re.moore@oaktree.org
If you're from SA - Hilary Wigg, h.wigg@oaktree.org
If you're from WA - Zoë Fitzgerald, z.fitzgerald@oaktree.org
If you're from TAS - Rowena Clark-Hansen, r.clark-hansen@oaktree.org

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