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Cold toes, warm heart

Cold toes, warm heart

There’s something about that feeling when your toes are cold but your heart is warm. 

In my life, people are always trying to convince me that their subjective truths are objective ones. ‘Life is about maximising happiness’, or ‘I guarantee, if you work and try hard enough - good things will happen to you’. There's also my personal favourite; ‘there’s no such thing as a mistake, Gid’. 

I’m not trying to impart universal truth here, but there’s something about ‘extremities are cold but intangible parts of my body are warm’ moments that I recommend highly to others, and those are the ones I chase in my own life. The moments that shimmer and glitter in the air, gliding down every spine in the room. The moments where all your senses are firing, sucking in memories that you may not be able to picture in 10 years, but that you’ll feel forever.

For me, that was the 2013 Roadtrip. The impact on my senses, my moral compass and (this probably isn’t a real thing) the place where my sense of urgency lives was immense. The Roadtrip kicked my active social conscience into gear, challenging me to participate in the fight for those who can’t stand for themselves. In that moment, when you’re connected to 1000 other young people, you become part of a compassionate collective that cares for - and is tethered to - those who weren’t as successful in the lottery of birth. 

Coming back to subjective truths parading as objective ones, there’s this rule on the internet called Godwin’s Law. The basic premise is as follows; the longer an online discussion goes for, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler increases. Interestingly, the rule isn’t an observation of truth. It's actually supposed to create social change by reducing the chances of the comparison occurring. Lately, I've been thinking I’d like to create my own law. My law wouldn’t pretend to be 100% accurate, but I think it would come pretty damn close.

Oaktree’s Law: ‘The more you ‘Roadtrip’, the better your life will be’.

In September, I know my toes will be cold, but my heart will be on fire.

Gideon is the Director of Digital at Oaktree.

If you don't mind cold toes and fire in your heart, join us.