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Coffee or Change?

Coffee or Change? Challenging the Future of Poverty

By Katie Lee and Alex Ferguson
Oaktree Interns, Woodleigh Highschool

I know you’d rather be having brunch with friends, and I know the flat white you ordered is missing its sugars so you have already suffered enough today. But let’s talk about poverty and the value of monthly donations.

Poverty is a daunting issue and it is sometimes easy to become apathetic. But as Australians, we have a responsibility to do what we can to fight poverty, and the good news is that you can contribute to creating a world of difference for the cost of a few flat whites a month.

For the cost of a few flat whites a month, you can help fight poverty in our region.

We can all agree that poverty is unacceptable, yet there are still 700 million people living in extreme poverty worldwide. These people are denied basic human rights, including access to education, safety and adequate living conditions. 

Oaktree believes in ongoing support for communities living in poverty, and works at a grassroots level in partnership with local organisations in the Asia-Pacific region. We believe that the most effective way to fight poverty and create lasting change is to support education initiatives that empower young people and promote capacity-building.

We took this philosophy to heart in the Beacon Schools Initiative. Together with our Cambodian partner KAPE (Kampuchean Action for Primary Education), we invested in improving the way that teachers and students teach and learn. It was a long-term investment that was successful in achieving structural reform in Cambodian schools.

Oaktree recently wrapped up our funding to Beacon Schools Initiative, but key elements of the project were signed into the National Education Policy by the Cambodian Government. The program is now set to roll out across the country.

These incredible results prove that positive change is not only possible, but it is a realistic accomplishment. We are capable of helping people lift themselves out of poverty and gain access to the human rights that they were previously deprived of.

However, we can’t do this alone. We need your help to make the best impact possible.

Regular Giving is one of the most effective ways you can help make a difference. It allows Oaktree to plan and budget effectively so we can take on new long-term projects with our regional partners.

Whether you donate $10 or $50 a month, you are creating and maintaining a stable platform for organisations like KAPE to continue providing much needed services to families and communities.

Don’t let the financial side throw you off: that flat white cost you $4 and was way too bitter anyway. Just skip it for something healthier and start making a difference today.

To become a Regular Giver, head to our website now!