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Whether you were actively engaging your community through Generate or Schools, campaigning for an increase in foreign aid alongside 1000 other young Australians on the Roadtrip in March, fundraising for Live Below the Line which reached new heights raising over $2 million or speaking to thousands of voters before the election, you were integral in making this year, Oaktree’s 10 year anniversary, our most impactful yet.

You truly have proven yourself as a passionate and relentless leader in the fight to end global poverty.

Now, it is time to come together, organise and take the movement to end poverty to the next level. As a Community Leader, you will have access to the best training opportunities Oaktree has ever offered –online and offline. In your toolbox, is a sophisticated yet simple online dashboard – available only to Community Leaders. You use it to take action and engage with others – sharing ideas and levelling up your skills. It’s technology that amplifies your impact.

But leading doesn’t just take place online. Real movements need real offline moments. Which is why in February, you and 500 other Community Leaders will come together in Melbourne to ignite the movement to end poverty in 2014.