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What we do

We are Australia's largest youth-run anti-poverty organisation. 

Oaktree works in three ways:

One, we partner with local education organisations in Cambodia and Timor-Leste, empowering young people to access the education they need to break out of poverty. That's stuff like school books and scholarships for young people who otherwise might not be able to go to school.

Two, our campaigns connect the voices of our movement to decision makers, to influence policy change that fights poverty. Like policy on Australian aid, for example.

Three, we empower young people in Australia to become social change makers.

Overseas Impact

We believe in the potential of young people. For us, meaningful overseas impact is providing young people with the skills to make a difference in their lives and their communities. This is why we seek to support social change through empowering and learning from young people across the Asia-Pacific. We work in partnership...

Policy Change

We’re young people who see that our standards of justice and fairness are not being met.  That’s why we work to ensure Australia’s leaders take action to end poverty. Just like us, our decision makers are human. So we connect them with the diversity of our movement to influence policy change.  Campaigning with Oaktree might mean going...

Investing in Young Australians

A Future Led by Young People Young people are uniquely placed to shape a future underpinned by equity, driven by smart technology, and led by leaders who are passionate about creating social change, because we are the ones who will be inheriting the future and living in it. We are committed to...