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The Campaigns team works to identify the most high-impact opportunities we can be capitalising on to bring the conversation around poverty to the forefront - whether this is a Roadtrip advocating for more and better aid or tax justice, or the Traffik-Free Easter campaign promoting conscious consumerism of chocolate products. Campaigns strategies are implemented at the grassroots by Outreach teams (and Mobilisation teams, in the lead up to mobilisations), who work with Community Leaders to build momentum around the issue through engaging with the public and other audiences.

All of our Campaigns work incorporates our Theory of Change.

  • We’re movement-building - building an organised base with the power and drive to achieve structural reform

  • We’re campaigning for Structural reform, not short term fixes, which means we have a political agenda which we define and promote, and we aim to increase the power of pro-poor candidates and policies

  • We’re looking to change the conversation around the issues of poverty - our Community Leaders model is all about building person-to-person relationships, so we can educate and engage the public on the issues of ad and extreme poverty, and shape a public values environment conducive to pro-poor policies


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