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Cafes For Change

Cafes For Change

Cafes for Change is Oaktree’s newest campaign! Developed in 2019, this campaign is all about community. (And what screams community more than your local cafe?)

This October, we're inviting cafes all around Australia to join the movement to create a more just world. 

Our ask is pretty simple: Donate part of your coffee profits to Oaktree and help fund critical youth empowerment work in Australia, Cambodia and Timor-Leste. 

For over a decade, Oaktree has worked tirelessly to reduce poverty in the Asia-Pacific and deliver education initiatives that break young people out of the cycles of poverty.

With your help, we'll be able to reach our goal of raising $10,000 during Anti-Poverty week (13th - 19th October 2019)! 


Grab a coffee at one of our Cafes for Change!

Click here to sign up your cafe today!

Curious about how this works? Here are the options:

Option 1. The One-Shot: Donate a percentage of one day's profits from coffee sales to Oaktree. The day is up to you as long as it's during Anti-Poverty week (13th and 19th of October).

Option 2. Seven Shots ☕: Donate a larger amount in total! Every day from the 13th to the 19th of October, donate a small amount of your daily coffee sales to Oaktree.  

Option 3. Can I Speak To The Manager?: Got another idea about how to contribute? We'd love to hear from you! The same goes for if you want to participate but can't commit to option 1 or 2 - send us an email and let's work something out!

What are you waiting for? Sign up your cafe today. 


Don't have a cafe but still want to make an impact?

You can donate to Oaktree's Cafes For Change movement here


Want to know more about Oaktree? Here's a snapshot of what we do.

Oaktree is Australia's largest youth-led development organisation. (All our volunteers are under 26!)

Our main area of work is promoting youth empowerment. We do this by partnering with educational projects across the Asia-Pacific. 

You might not realise it, but you've probably heard of us. Does Live Below the Line (LBL) ring a bell? Yeah, that's us! Live Below the Line is Oaktree's biggest annual fundraiser. Through LBL, we connect everyday Australians with the issue of poverty in ways they've might not have considered before. For 2 or 5 days in May, we challenge Australians across the country to eat under the international poverty line of $2 a day. Yep, that's maximum $10 for total food expenses. It's shocking how little it is, but people around the world (including in Australia) do subsist on such small amounts. Can they truly thrive in these circumstances though? Absolutely not - and that's the point we're trying to hammer home. 

Since its launch in 2010, over 65,000 Australians have Lived Below the Line. In that time, they've raised more than $11.5 million to help fund our educational and campaigning initiatives that empower young people to create a more just world. 

Oaktree works closely with partner organisations in Cambodia and Timor-Leste to equip young people with the skills and confidence to bring about meaningful changes in their communities. In Cambodia, we support the young people at the forefront of Kampuchean Young Leaders Association (KYLA) to conduct leadership training and mentoring workshops in high schools throughout Kampong Cham. In Timor-Leste, we work with Ba Futuru to support young people in rural municipalities to create their own community campaigns, empowering them to take action on the issues that matter to them the most.

But that's not all! We run educational programs in Australia too through our Student Ambassador programme and our Campaigners for Change programme. Each year we transform hundreds of young Australians into agents of change, empowering them to advocate for a more just world and youth participation in decision-making.