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Building the window

We all have our own roles to play, and it is only when we fulfil our respective roles will we be able to achieve our collective goal. In any endeavour, we must recognise our capabilities, but more importantly, we must also recognise our limitations. When we understand exactly what we can and what we can’t do, we will be able to direct our effort effectively to produce tangible results that will bring us closer to achieving our main goal.

The effort to end extreme poverty is like building a house. We, the youth, must not be discouraged if we are unable to complete the house on our own. We are not meant to. At the very core, it is the role of governments and intergovernmental institutions to build a solid foundation of the effort to end extreme poverty. They build and manage the system. Our effort will ultimately prove futile if the foundation is weak. We will not go far if the system undoes the good work being done to build the house. What we can do is ensure that the foundation is solid. And we have an excellent opportunity to do just that this year.

Australia will host this year’s G-20 summit, a gathering of the largest economies in the world. It has been dubbed as the most significant meeting of world leaders Australia will have hosted. It is our best opportunity to help improve the foundation. Oaktree can play a significant role in this effort. We must mobilise young Australians to ensure the system does not betray those are most vulnerable. We must give our best to make sure no effort to end extreme poverty will go to waste. This is a role that we share with everyone. 

Our main role is to build the window. The youth must ensure that the world will always look outwards and forward in the effort to end extreme poverty. This is why young people are crucial in the effort. We are needed not because we can play a role in the future; we are needed not because we will ultimately lead the effort in building the house when we govern. We are needed because we can help build the house now. A windowless house is naturally dark. More than anything else, the best way for young people to contribute is to do what they do best: to illuminate. In this day and age, the world could use a little light.