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Bootcamp Agenda

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Friday - July 24th

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  9:00 am


 This is so we know who's here, and where they are! A bit of admin to start the day.

 10:00 am      

 Welcome & Keynote Speaker      

 An address from Claire O'Rourke, a talented campaigner with more than 15 years' experience in communications & advocacy. Claire will be delivering a keynote speech on the power of community organising to create change - wouldn't want to miss it.

 11:00 am
 Team Time

 Some time to meet all of the other passionate young leaders who have travelled from around the country to be a part of the movement to end poverty. This is where you'll meet like-minded peers/future besties and share why you're involved in this fight.

 11:30 am
 Morning Tea


 12:00 pm
 Oaktree Breakouts

 Who doesn't love a good break out? We'll have sessions on Oaktree's campaigning, organising theory, Community Leaders, and our International Engagement work.

 1:30 pm

 More Delish!

 2:30 pm

 Politicians from across the political spectrum will join us to discuss political change, ending poverty, and young people in politics. The panel will be moderated by Oaktree's Director of Political Engagement, Stacey Batterham.

 3:30 pm
 Afternoon Tea

 More food - you'll have worked up an appetite by now!

 4:30 pm
 Team Time

 Time to hang with your new best buds.

 5:30 pm

 We're a family for the weekend, so there are some rules we'll need to follow!

 6:00 pm
 Free time


 6:30 pm
 Dinner & Party Time!

 Oaktree's parties are famous - we have Gaby Perdomo our dedicated 'CFO' (Chief Fun Officer) running it. Get ready!


 Lights Out.

 Shhh. Got a big day tomorrow!


Saturday - July 25th

  9:00 am
 Keynote Speaker

 Koreti Tiumela shares her story as the Pacific Outreach Coordinator for 350.org working to build a Pacific movement in New Zealand around climate change. Her passion will seriously inspire you.

 10:00 am
Our strategy for the second half of the year

 Getting stuck into campaigns for the second half of the year. What are they, and what are we going to achieve?

 11:30 am
 Morning Tea

 More biscuits!

 12:00 pm
 One-on-one conversations

 Do you know how to motivate strangers to action? However good you are (or think you are), we'll make you better by doing a deep-dive into the art & science of one-on-one conversations.

 1:30 pm

 Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsey have been kind enough to come down and cook for us (this is a joke btw)!

 2:30 pm
 The Global Goals and Climate Finance

 These are the key elements of our campaigns - this time will give us an intimate understanding of them.

 3:30 pm
 Afternoon tea

 Even more biscuits (and just when you thought there couldn't be any more biscuits!)

 4:00 pm
 Knowledge breakouts

 So much knowledge, so little time. Pick your poison: we've got 7 speakers to choose from covering community organising in the Indi campaign, engaging diverse constituencies, lessons from the MDGs, climate impacts in the Pacific, gender & structural inequality, the Indigenous climate movement, and more... You can only pick one. Decisions, decisions...

 5:00 pm
 Whole group run-down

 We'll go over the outline for the rest of Bootcamp.

 5:30 pm
 Debrief time

 By this stage, you've learnt incredible new skills, met (and made friends with) the most amazing young activists, and participated in strategy sessions on how we can have an outsized impact this year. Let's debrief it all.

 6:30 pm

 Leftovers from Gordon, Jamie & Heston.

 7:30 pm
 Bootcamp Action!

  This is your chance to put into practice what you've learnt over the last two days with hands-on experience doing real campaign actions around a strategic moment. You'll learn first-hand the difficulties of teamwork, leadership, pressure, and campaigning by going out of the theoretical and deep-diving into the practical.

 9:30 pm
 Free Time!

 Do your thang, express yourself!

 10:00 pm


Sunday - July 26th

 9:00 am

 Time to get pumped up people.

 9:30 am

 Laura John, the 2014 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations, will talk about young people taking action and having impact.

 10:30 am
 Skills break outs

 Skillz dat killz. We'll have sessions on political engagement, digital campaigning, running issue campaigns, team management, and more...

 11:30 am
 Morning tea

 Last biscuit time (-_-)

 12:00 pm
 Campaign planning in teams

 Scheming time. Bootcamp isn't just a training event - it's about mobilising to ensure we're ready to seize the opportunities of 2015.

 1:30 pm

 Caviar, truffle oil and gold leaf is on the menu.

 2:30 pm
 Closing Address