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Connecting young leaders with leading change-makers

Earlier this month, Oaktree successfully launched the Innovate Masterclass Series. When Innovate was first envisioned, we sat down and asked a few key questions. How do we establish Oaktree as a ‘thought leader’ within the youth lead, social change community? How do we initiate meaningful relationships with leaders of our field? Can we create a pool of high potential individuals from which Oaktree can recruit volunteers? The Innovate program has put us in a strong position to achieve these goals.

Innovate invited a range of speakers to deliver keynote presentations and workshops on the topic of innovation in social enterprise and international development. It provided participants with a unique opportunity to engage with Australia’s leading professionals and change-makers working in the start-up, social enterprise and not for profit sectors. We had 35 diverse and talented participants and 11 speakers from organisations such as Thankyou, Fairtrade Australia, Squareweave, Suncorp, Beanhunter.com. At the conclusion of the event, the response from participants, speakers and volunteers involved was overwhelmingly positive.

We’re taking Innovate in an exciting direction from here. Currently we’re workshopping a project in collaboration with the Marketing and Fundraising team for Innovate participants to work on over the next 6-8 weeks. Also, we’re hoping to expand Innovate and make future programs more accessible to individuals outside Victoria.

Above all else, Innovate exists to equip participants with the tools to create meaningful change in society. We’re so excited to see where it goes next!

Maroushka Saldanha is Director of Oaktree's Innovate Masterclass Series.