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Admin, Finance and Other Important Stuff



If you have paid for something on behalf of Oaktree or need to pay an external you can use this form. (Note that all payments need to be approved by the budget holder prior to payment)

Mailing Lists

Changed position? Need to get on different mailing lists and off others? Forgotten your password? Email hello@oaktree.org


Oaktree’s legal policies are all located here. You’ll need to be logged in to your Oaktree account to access this.

Got any other legal questions? For any queries relating to events you are planning, commercial relationships you are entering into on Oaktree’s behalf, risk assessment questions or information about anything legal related, please contact this email: legalquestions@oaktree.org

Exit Form

Leaving Oaktree? Sad face…
It’s been great working with you! We’d love to get feedback on your experience. What was the best and worst parts? Is there anything we should do differently? Let us know here.