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CLs retreat FAQs

CLs retreat FAQs

All retreats begin at 6:00 pm on Friday the 13th of March at the following locations for each state. Every retreat ends at approximately 5:00 pm on Sunday the 15th of March. Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with more detailed information.

Location: 9-11 Stewart St, Richmond, 3121 (opposite the Richmond Train Station)

Location: 82-86 Pacific Highway, St Lenard's, 2065

Location: The Merry-Go-Round Canberra Centre, 73 Petrie Plaza, Canberra, 2601

Location: 69 Thomas Street, West End, 4101

Western Australia
76 Thomas Street, West Perth, 6005 (The 'Realcom' office)

South Australia
Woodhouse Activity Centre, 37 Spring Gully Road, Piccadilly, 5151


The retreats will begin 6pm Friday the 13th of March, and will end 5pm Sunday the 15th of March.


If you're attending the retreat in Victoria, Western Australia, ACT, NSW or Queensland the cost of the retreat is $25.00.

If you're attending the retreat in South Australia the cost of the retreat is $50.00.

What do I bring?

We've got you covered for most of the meals, but bring a bit of money just in case we all decide to go out for dinner.

In terms of non-essentials, it's up to you. We suggest bringing a laptop or tablet to take notes on, a notebook if that's your thing (sah old school), and anything else you need to get in the zone.

If you're from WA, QLD or SA:

Your retreat is residential! Yay! So that means you'll need everything a human like you might need for sleeping over 2 days - think clothes, sleeping bag, toiletries and medication.