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Community Leaders

In February we’ll launch a brand new way to lead the movement.

It’s called Oaktree Community Leaders, and you can register your interest right now.

Picture this: as an Oaktree Community Leader you lead the movement to end poverty. You design strategy, and grow our campaigns. Along with hundreds of other young people, you  learn, take action, and are part of a like-minded community.

Community Leaders have access to the best training opportunities Oaktree has ever offered - online and offline. In your toolbox, is a sophisticated yet simple online dashboard - available only to Community Leaders. You use it to take action and engage with others - sharing ideas and leveling up your skills.  It’s  technology that amplifies your impact.

But Leading doesn’t just take place online. Real movements need real, offline moments. Which is why in February, you and 500 other Community Leaders come together for  a two-day conference - igniting the movement to end poverty for 2014.


Want to become a Community Leader?  

We’re looking for young people who want to make the world a better place. Young people who will put in the time and energy - a few hours a week - to create change. You need to up for a challenge. You must  be ready to learn. And you’ve got to be passionate.

If reading this is getting you excited, we want to hear from you.  You should register your interest in being a Community Leader.

8 applications