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End Modern Slavery

Tell our government you want to #beslavefree

Right now the Australian government is undertaking an inquiry into the need for a robust Modern Slavery Act. Join us in calling upon the government to safeguard the freedom of millions of people worldwide.

Globally over 21 million people experience forced labour. With so much manufacturing going offshore, it has become increasingly difficult to determine what Australian products have been impacted by slavery and labour exploitation.

By implementing robust legislation our government can ensure that no Australian is consuming products tainted by unjust labour practices. This is an opportunity for our government to safeguard the rights and freedom of millions of people globally.

Imported manufactured goods may contain slavery and labour exploitation. There are workers who are trafficked into workplaces in many of these countries. Our current legislation is not sufficient to detect these unjust practices in supply chains. Our government had the power to change this by incorporating mandatory due diligence reporting for businesses who reach an appropriate financial threshold, or source from high risk areas of the world.

Oaktree is joining with a coalition of over 30 organisations to call upon our government to implement a robust Modern Slavery Act that will ensure that the products that we consume have not been impacted by unjust labour practices.

We live in a world where we are all deeply connected. This inquiry is a reminder that in order for our global community to thrive, we must value the rights and freedoms of all people equally.


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