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Anti-Poverty Day FAQ

Why a documentary?

Stories have the power to create change. They have the power to inspire motivate and unite. A documentary enables us to tell the amazing stories of the leaders of the movement to end poverty to people of all ages, all across the country. October 17 will be a moment of unity, where thousands of Australians join the fight.

What will the documentary be about?

'Within our Reach' tells the stories of individuals and communities who are fighting to see the end of extreme poverty.

It’s a movement that’s led from the grassroots – across our region, and here in Australia. They're swapping banners for sticky-notes, mega-phones with mobiles, and headlines for heartfelt conversations. You may not have seen it, but it’s growing larger and more active everyday.

They’re fighting to see the standards of justice and fairness met for every person, regardless of where they’re born.

The short film captures to perspective of several prominent Australians including Julian Burnside, Malcolm Fraser and Helen Szoke.

What does hosting an event involve?

Hosting an event is easy! You can download the Host Pack here, to find out more.

The evening can be as informal or structured as you like, and we’ll provide all the resources you need, including the Host Pack, FAQ sheet about extreme poverty, a running sheet and even materials to help you promote your event. Whether it’s in your lounge room, your local community hall or in a tutorial at university, we’re asking you to bring together your friends and family for a night of powerful stories.

The documentary will be available to download, and goes for approximately 15 minutes. The most important part of the evening is the conversations you have. We know that you’ll have meaningful discussions and there’s no one better than you to talk to your friends and family about the issues that you care about.

How will I access the documentary?

We’ll send every registered host an email with instructions on how to download the documentary from our website about a week before October 17. We’ll also have a hotline available to solve any technical problems you may have.

How will I promote my event?

There are lots of ways that you can promote your event. The most simple one is reaching out to your friends on social media or email! We’ll have a description of the documentary ready for you, so all you need to do is forward it on to them and make sure they keep October 17 free!

If you’ve got a bigger event in mind, we have all the creative resources you need to promote your event. From posters to cover photos to letterheads, we’ve got you covered.

If you chose to make your event open to the general public, let us know when you register and we'll help you promote your event to our supporters in your area. It will also feature on our website.

I don’t want to host an event, how can I still be involved?

No worries! Hosting an event isn’t for everyone. Even if you just decide to watch the documentary with your housemates or your parents you can register your screening - that way we know that you’re part the moment.

You can also attend public events in your area, which you can search for on our website.

If you’re busy on October 17th you’ll be able to watch the documentary after the date, or you can show your support by posting on social media and inviting your friends to check out the documentary and join the movement.


Join us on Anti-Poverty Day