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Aid should #endpoverty

Call Julie Bishop now

Together, let's call Julie Bishop and makes sure she knows that Australian's want our aid program to end poverty overseas. 

We believe in an Australian aid program that aims to #endpoverty, rather than just promoting Australia's national interest. 

The move by the Australian government today to remove poverty reduction as the primary objective of Australia's foreign aid has cleared the way for profound and scary changes in the way our foreign aid budget is managed. 

Now is the time for action. We're seeing unprecedented threats to the strength of our countries poverty alleviation program and our commitment to the world's poor. 

A $4.5 billion cut to Australia's aid spending announced on the eve of the Federal election, but it didn't stop there.  

A takeover of AusAid by DFAT, promising significant threats to the effectiveness of our aid program, but it didn't stop there.

Just weeks ago, last minute announcement to cut already promised funds to Australian NGOs, but it didn't stop there.

Cut after cut, the current government is rapidly undermining the humanitarian basis of Australia's aid program, and it's the world's most vulnerable who will be hit the hardest. 

We can't sit in silence. Call Julie Bishop now on (02) 6277 7500 and show your support for an aid budget that aims to #endpoverty. 

GOAL: 100 calls