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Adam Uraynar

Why I Care about Ending Poverty

I have it in my head that privileged people (the majority of Americans) should be 'people of the world' and not just for money or relationships. I see my fellow peers as more of the latter than anything else, but that's the common mindset these days. I don't try to "convert" people, but I try find those who care about truly putting effort into lessening extreme poverty.

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  • commented on The right approach to development
    "It’s making a platitude when the first line says, “There is no ‘right’ approach to development.” Of course there is, at least acknowledge there are the ‘bad’ ways, such as giving to any old charity without looking into them. Although, your thought terminating cliche is a half-truth; there is more than one way to approach development (eg, microfinance, infrastructure, etc). The semanics would be improved if it started There is no one ‘right’ approach, but I guess the second bolded text will suffice. Yet, I still wonder…How much of what Thomas Pogge writes does Oaktree’s Deputy CEO know about?"
  • commented on Impact in Australia
    "Any printable posters?"
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