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About Oaktree

Oaktree is young people leading a movement to end poverty. 

Our organisation is founded on the belief that poverty is unacceptable and ending it is an issue of justice and our shared humanity, not one of charity. 

We believe that in our lifetime poverty can be ended, but right now we lack the public and political will to achieve it. For us, beliefs turn into action, and enough informed action will build a powerful social movement.

Young people have a unique power to lead this movement. And Oaktree is Australia’s largest youth-run organisation with over 150,000 members.  

Our Work

Ending poverty requires sustainable change addressing its causes at the community, national and global level. Oaktree works in three main ways to contribute to a world free from poverty. Our areas of work are not isolated but instead interdependent - we enhance our impact by capturing and applying learning across all areas...