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A Roadtrip To Bring About Change

A Roadtrip To Bring About Change

To help us bring about change, head here to join us on the Roadtrip.

The thing is, we’re all connected. All 7 billion of us.

The decisions that our government make not only affect our lives here in Australia, but they can have a big impact on those living in extreme poverty overseas.

As president of the G20, Prime Minister Abbott and the government have an especially important part to play. They can help ensure that the leaders of the 20 most influential countries implement policies that will benefit the world’s poor at the G20 Summit in November.  So this year, as world leaders come together in our own backyard, we’re calling on our government to step up to end poverty, by taking a stand to make the global tax system fairer and give their fair share in aid.

But to make sure that our leaders take action, we need more Australians to join the fight.

This is what the Roadtrip is all about. 1000 people can make a lot of noise. By having thousands of conversation, on the street, in town halls and schools, about the issue that we care a lot about, we can rally Australians around our cause. On our way to Canberra, we’ll gather 50 000 signatures on our petition.

With the support 50 000 of Australians behind us, we’ll descend on the lawns of Parliament House and meet with over 100 MPs and Senators. As we stand on the lawns of Parliament house on October 2, our nation’s leaders won’t be able to ignore our message: we can and we will end poverty within our generation - if we take action at the G20 Summit.

That’s why I’m going on the Roadtrip. Because what we do here in Australia matters. I want to make sure that my voice and my actions count for something.


Join us on the roadtrip to make a change today.