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8 Moments of the Live Below the Line Experience

8 Moments of the Live Below the Line Experience

At risk of sounding totally cheesy and lame, Live Below the Line really is a rollercoaster of emotions. This year will be my third time doing Live Below the Line- and although some aspects of it get easier every year, it’s called a challenge for a reason. There are ups and downs that make for a trying, but ultimately super rewarding experience. Whether you’ve never done Live Below the Line before, or you’re a total veteran to the challenge, you’ll definitely experience these totally emotional moments when you take on Live Below the Line.

1. When you realise that LBL week is in three days and you have no idea what you’re going to eat. This is usually followed by frantic Googling to find something you might be able to cook that doesn’t taste (and look!) like old baby food.


2. When the time comes on Sunday night to have your last good meal for the next five days, and you savour it like it’s the holy grail of food, knowing that there’s a week of bland rice and soggy porridge ahead of you.



3. That awesome conversation you have when your co-worker/ schoolmate/ gym buddy asks why your lunch looks super bland, and you get to tell them all about Live Below the Line. And it’s a great chance to ask for a donation too!



4. That moment you finish up with dinner on that first day and think to yourself ‘hey, maybe this won’t be so bad’... And then 45 minutes later you’re regretting everything and craving ice cream like your life depends on it.



5. That point at the end of the third day, when you’ve passed the halfway mark- but all you really want is a goddamn burger. It takes a lot of willpower (and a reminder of why you’re doing this challenge in the first place!) to keep on track. But don’t give up!



6. When you have a massive epiphany (probably while eating your fourth bowl of weird, lumpy porridge for the week) and realise that for loads of people, living on $2 is not just a five day experience- it’s life. Understanding your own privilege is a pretty important moment in everyone’s Live Below the Line experience.



7. There’s always that one unexpected donation that totally inspires you and reminds you of why the hell you’re doing the challenge anyway. A moment like this brings a whole lot of perspective to everything and makes you realise how much of a difference you’re actually making.



8. And finally, there’s that amazing moment of waking up on Saturday morning and feeling on top of the world, because not only can you eat whatever you want again- you just finished an amazing challenge and made an incredible difference to the real lives of people in the Asia-Pacific. And that feeling is pretty bloody awesome.



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