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Representing poverty

3 reasons why it's awesome we’re nominated

At Oaktree we’re always punching above our weight. We’re youth-run, and most of us are volunteers who juggle uni and part time work.

Last year we made a video called “I Must Not Make Assumptions”, which aimed to challenge stereotypes about poverty. This year, we are so proud to announce that our video has been nominated for a Golden Radiator Award, which recognises organisations that represent people living in poverty in uplifting and empowering ways.

Why it's awesome we're nominated:

1. We pride ourselves on ethically communicating poverty

We refuse to sell pity and guilt, and work deliberately to create representations of people living in poverty that they themselves can be proud of.

2. We are the underdogs

We’re not a big, multi-national NGO like the other nominees. For us to be nominated for this award is a big deal.

3. It’s just a good video

We reckon it gets right to the heart of assumptions about poverty. Check it out now and see what you think.

Click here to visit the site and check out the other videos. Vote if you think it deserves to win. Voting closes 4 December.