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International Engagement

2018 Wrap-Up

You probably know that Oaktree runs education projects across the Asia-Pacific (especially if you’ve contributed to Live Below the Line; if so, kudos to you dear friend!), but have you heard about everything else we’ve achieved this year?

We have hundreds of statistics and quotes about our regional work in 2018, but in essence, we have two stories. Below, we’re summarising these stories by describing our projects, reviewing the work of our local partners, and celebrating the ways local people have been impacted by our work.

PROJECT: Inspiring Young Leaders through Quality Education (QE)




Ba Futuru’s mission is to “ build a peaceful, positive and productive Timor-Leste through using innovative approaches that protect children, reduce violence, empower women and inspire young learners”. Oaktree supports Ba Futuru’s work by funding teacher training sessions (through training modules and training films), with sessions taught by facilitators at these programs.

Teachers are taught in three key areas:

  • Child-friendly teaching methods (praising good behaviour, constructive communication)
  • Analytical teaching methods (comprehension questions, brainstorming, exploring ideas)
  • Participatory teaching methods (using games and group activities)

QUANTITATIVE OUTCOMES: 35 teachers trained, and 50+ students impacted, across two high schools in the Venilale and Quelicai Secondary Schools (in the Baucau region, north-east of the country).

  • Teacher Manuel Viegas from Quelicai secondary school: “Ba Futuru presence is really important similar to gold falling on us.”


  • Student Joao, student representative from Quelicai secondary school: “I was very lucky to involved in this meeting. I have learnt many new things from NGO Ba Futuru. Now we have the summary of our school’s rules, which has been designed as a poster by Ba Futuru


  • Judith, Educational Program Manager at Ba Futuru: “I have been working with Ba Futuru for 12 years... The environment I work in is very safe. Like for us, it is like we are all family. ...when I came to Ba Futuru from Venilale, I was a shy person, and even then I would shake if I spoke in front of many people, so from Ba Futuru I...make myself more confident, and also learn many new things to increase my skills and also my knowledge.”


PROJECT: Girl’s Education Initiative (GEI)

NGO PARTNER: Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE)



KAPE provides high school scholarships to female students in Cambodia’s Kampuchean region (south of Phnom Penh).

QUANTITATIVE OUTCOMES: Annually, we provided around 250 scholarships per year across high schools with our partner KAPE. The scholarships have assisted students in three main ways:

In-school capacity building activities (extra-curricular activities)

  • Debating training/competitions/ career counselling
  • Female students themselves consult on  how they want their counselling to work.

Physical school items

  • Books, uniforms, pens, bike helmets, monthly stipends, emergency healthcare, and tuition.

Livelihood support for families of secondary school students

  • Used to encourage family support for keeping girls in school, and to aid financial sustainability.
  • Chicken, ducks, pigs, seeds, nets, medical vaccinations. Training on vegetable growing and raising animals, including hydroponic farming!

22 year old female teacher: “When I finished secondary school I didn’t have enough money to study and i wanted to give up. I got money from KAPE and continued to uni...Now I work in a social enterprise and can work and be happy with life now and can keep gaining new experiences”.

Female primary school teacher: “I got a scholarship from GEI for high school and got stationery, materials etc. my parents were proud. I volunteered with PLAN International, gain a lot of experience, I am powerful and know a lot of people. In my high school KAPE also created a debate club for high school students… Now I am really inspired to share with other people and in the future I really want to work with young people and youth in Cambodia, that is my passion.”

Our favourite achievement this year?

Arguably the most surprising news was that Princess Beatrice of York who travelled to see KAPE’s (and ultimately Oaktree’s) work in October this year. The Phnom Penh Post published this quote from her.

“I am inspired by the students and impressed by their [KAPE’s students]  mindset.

“They are passionate and determined about their careers and want to be engineers, architects, doctors and lawyers.

“We have a challenge to educate young people to support the needs of the 21st century workforce. We need to re-imagine education to (face) modern struggles,”    

What’s next for our projects? Stay tuned in early 2019 as we release exciting new information on our work in youth participation across the Asia-Pacific.

If it sounds like something you need to be a part of, check out our current opportunities.


Cambodia: At a High School with beneficiaries of Oaktree funded work. Picture includes Head of International Engagement Christine (second from right), Director of Cambodia Programs Rebecca (far left), and Cambodia Partnerships Manager Edie (eights from left).

Timor-Leste: Students in Baucau region conduct their own student-led evaluations of Ba Futuru’s QE project.