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Forget coffee runs and filing cabinets.

Volunteer with us, and discover that you can change the world. 

At Oaktree, we’re all volunteers - and all under the age of 26. We value will over skill, determination over degrees, and passion over years of experience. If this sounds like you, you sound like Oaktree.

So come join us. 

We’re recruiting!

Oaktree Community Leaders has just launched.

Have a few hours a week to give? Want to learn new skills, be part of an incredible community and lead the movement to end poverty?

Then Oaktree Community Leaders is for you.

Join a like-minded community of young people who take action both online and offline to contribute to the fight against extreme poverty.

As a Community Leader, you'll take action both online and offline to contribute to the fight against extreme poverty. You’ll design strategy, and lead and grow our campaigns and you'll coordinate those around you to take action. 

Apply Now.


Want to work behind the scenes?

The Oaktree team are a nice bunch of volunteer staff - we work behind the scenes to sustain and grow Oaktree and our movement.  Most volunteer roles are at least 10 hours a week, so if you've got time to give and a passion to make change, come join our team.

These roles are empty. They need leaders like you to fill them.

Roles at Oaktree HQ (in Melbourne)

Head of Marketing and Communications 

Head of Live Below the Line and Deputy Head of Live Below the Line 

Live Below the Line Digital Experience Intern

Director of Business Development

Timor-Leste Partnerships Manager

Community Leaders Communications Director

Administration Coordinator - People & Culture

National Legal Officer

Community Leaders Content Developer

Community Leaders Learning and Development Team Intern

G20 Campaign Digital Coordinator

G20 Campaign Media Coordinator

G20 Campaign Creative Coordinator

VIC Community Leader Coordinator

VIC Community Leader Facilitator


Not based in Melbourne?

Oaktree has branches in every state (and the ACT) around the country, so whether you're a Brisbanite or a Taswegian - you can volunteer with Oaktree.

Check out roles in your state


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