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We're recruiting!

At Oaktree, our work is driven by the power of volunteers - and we're all under the age of 26.

All our volunteers play unique roles – there are no people stuffing envelopes or rattling tins on street corners.  We run major campaigns, manage overseas partnerships and design online experiences.  Together, we educate and empower Australians to take action to end poverty.

We value will over skill, determination over degrees, and passion over years of experience. If this sounds like you, you sound like Oaktree. So come join us.

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Why volunteer with Oaktree?

You’ll have a huge impact on the movement to end poverty.

It's pretty incredible what impact a dedicated crew of young people can have. We've raised over 5 million dollars for life-changing education projects in the Asia-Pacific.  We've mobilised thousands of young people to take action on the issue of extreme poverty and reached millions through our campaigns.  At Oaktree, you won't just be filing or photocopying, you'll work at the heart of a movement that aims to change the way that Australians see the issue of extreme poverty - and take meaningful action to end it.

You’ll join a community of like-minded young people.

The Oaktree crew is a pretty fun bunch. We're into cheap dumpling houses, games and tables you can write on.  We're a pretty diverse group, but we all have one thing in common - we're deeply passionate about the issue of extreme poverty and believe that together, we can end it.  

You’ll gain invaluable skills and experience.

Volunteering at Oaktree, you'll learn by doing.  Whether your role involves organising events, managing relationships, chairing meetings, facilitating conversations or designing strategy, it's guaranteed that you'll draw on these skills and experience in your future career, no matter where you're headed. 

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Any questions? Email us at volunteer@oaktree.org.

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