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Oaktree Student Ambassadors

What does it mean to be an Oaktree Student Ambassador?

As an Oaktree Student Ambassador you will play an important role in ensuring the success of Oaktree’s campaigns, including Live Below the Line. You’ll work closely with other Oaktree volunteers and Student Ambassadors, coming into your local Oaktree office every month for exciting trainings and workshops. You will lead campaigns within your school, recruiting your friends and classmates, coming up with creative stunts and being an Oaktree representative within your school and community.


As a Student Ambassador, the cools things you get to do are:

  • Collaborate closely with incredible young leaders across Australia

  • Take part in monthly workshops and trainings where you will develop skills in leadership, public speaking, diversity, fundraising, campaigning and much, much more

  • Engage with global issues that are important to young people such as climate change, refugees, gender issues and human rights

  • Make a significant impact in Australia and globally in the movement to end poverty

  • The opportunity to lead Oaktree campaigns within your school, make key decisions and inspire your classmates all whilst learning new skills!

  • An impressive addition to your skill set and resume

This job is for you if:

  • Love being creative and trying new things

  • Are driven and wants to make the most out of your time at school, seeking out new opportunities and challenges

  • Are a student who is keen to engage their community and rally support for Oaktree’s work at their school

  • Are someone passionate about ending poverty!

Click here to become a Student Ambassador  

Have questions? Just email us at studentambassadors@oaktree.org

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