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Overseas Impact

We believe in the potential of young people.

For us, meaningful overseas impact is providing young people with the skills to make a difference in their lives and their communities. This is why we seek to support social change through empowering and learning from young people across the Asia-Pacific. We work in partnership with a vision to break the cycle of poverty.

We partner in two ways: one, through funded partnerships, supporting local organisations in the implementation of education projects. And two, through peer partnerships with like-minded youth-run organisations across our region. Our partners empower young people to create change in a variety of ways, including formal education, vocational training, leadership development and advocacy.


We believe that local organisations are best placed to effect meaningful change in the countries they work - not us. Our local partners are the experts; we provide our partners with the support to make change happen. 

Funded partners:

Education is the most powerful tool we have to change the world. We recognise that there is a great need for investment in vocational skills and secondary education in the Asia-Pacific. This is why we provide financial support to organisations working to improve access to quality education, both at a grassroots level as well as a systemic level. Our local partner organisations offer formal education and vocational training opportunities, empowering young people with the skills and knowledge to make a difference.

Peer partners:

Our peer partnerships are about young people across the Asia-Pacific learning from each other to maximise the impact that we can all have in striving for positive social change.  Through direct skills sharing and mutual capacity development, young people across our region are collaborating to promote justice and equality. The tools to create this social change take many different forms – our peer partnerships engage in anything from political engagement, running campaigns, or creating spaces for young people to engage with issues that affect them. Oaktree is privileged to learn from the expertise of our peer partners, and through promoting this learning we hope to create a broad shift in the perspective of the Australian public about our role in the region and the value of meaningful partnership.

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