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What we do

Extreme poverty has already been halved. Together, we can end it.

Welcome to Oaktree - young people leading a movement to end poverty. We are one of the largest youth-run organisation in Australia.

For us, change starts with a simple belief:  that poverty is unacceptable. Beliefs turn into action, and enough informed action will build a powerful social movement.

Oaktree works in three ways:

One, we raise awareness about poverty and inequality in our region. Poverty is not just about how much money you have, but a denial of access to education, healthcare, social inclusion, and more. Inequality is the result of unfair policies and social structures that widen the gap between the rich and poor. By raising awareness about these issues we help create widespread societal change that puts pressure on our leaders to shift their policies.

Two, we partner with grassroots organisations in the Asia-Pacific region to empower young people through funding education initiatives and leadership development. Education is the single most powerful way to help people lift themselves out of poverty. Fundraising campaigns like Live Below the Line make our partnerships possible.

Three, we have a strong advocacy presence. We promote social change through policy development. We hold regular meetings with Australian politicians and officials to influence decision-making that affects young people in Australia and our region. We also organise direct-action campaigns to mobilise thousands of young people who want to see positive and lasting change on the issues that matter.

Overseas Impact

We believe in the potential of young people. For us, meaningful overseas impact is providing young people with the skills to make a difference in their lives and their communities. This is why we seek to support social change through empowering and learning from young people across the Asia-Pacific. We work in partnership...

Policy Change

We’re young people who see that our standards of justice and fairness are not being met.  That’s why we work to ensure Australia’s leaders take action to end poverty. Just like us, our decision makers are human. So we connect them with the diversity of our movement to influence policy change.  Campaigning with Oaktree might mean going...

Investing in Young Australians

A Future Led by Young People Young people are uniquely placed to shape a future underpinned by equity, driven by smart technology, and led by leaders who are passionate about creating social change, because we are the ones who will be inheriting the future and living in it. We are committed to...